The Top 10 European Beaches For Summer Chill

If you’re over the week of sun a year we call summer in the UK, 2017 should be the year you get away. Turn off your phone, put your feet up, listen to those waves crash and soak up the sun’s rays.

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Dogtag Recognised in IP100

We are very proud to announce that DOGTAG has been highly ranked in two categories in the UK’s IP100 for 2017.

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6 Days, 2 Mountains, Let's Go!

"The mountains are calling and I must go" – This quote by John Muir I have always found powerful. As a child I spent time with my family exploring majestic peaks, now in my twenties the mountains hold a special place in my heart, they are filled with wonder and adventure.

This year was the big one, Whistler.


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15 Outdoor Challenges for 2017

If there’s one way to counteract the festive food coma and January slump it’s an extreme outdoor challenge. But with so many on offer where do you choose to test your mettle and battle against the elements? Lucky for you we’ve compiled a list of fifteen outdoor challenges for 2017 that will let you leave your comfort zone miles behind you - literally.

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Race Across The Roof of Europe, 7 days, 3 countries, 2 girls, 1 dream

In 2012 I was inspired by the Olympics to try cross-country mountain bike racing. At the time I had no expectations of what I could achieve, I just wanted to get out and enjoy it. I was soon hooked and my life changed as cycling became a big focus. It was around this time I saw the Cape Epic (South African mountain bike stage race) and thought, “wow, one day I’d love to be able to line up at the start of a stage race”. Four years on and my first stage race is complete.

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