The French Alps, An Alpine Adventure

Dave Somerset checks in with his most recent trip to the French Alps. Lots of sport and adventure, and with baby in tow! 

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Rumble in the Jungle 2017 - Race Report

“Do you fancy going out to Sri Lanka for The Rumble?” was a bolt out of the blue from my friend, the Race Director at Yak Attack, Phil Evans. “In fact, we’re going out three weeks early to recce the trails if you fancy that too?” was his second question.

“Erm… not sure. I’d like to… err… stuff it, yeah” My initial hesitation was due to the fact that I had an impending shoulder operation (which I’ve been putting off for four years) and really I needed to get it done. However, the “stuff it” principle (or similar words) came into effect and bypassed any modicum of common sense.

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Dreaming of a White Summer

For adrenaline junkies with a love of sweet powder (snow, what were you thinking?) we know it’s just a bit much to ask you to wait until the UK winter rolls around. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of some ideas for you on where to go.


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Want To Try Kitesurfing? Tips from Hannah

My goal for the holiday, learn to kitesurf, for the second time…. Kitesurfing and I are old friends having learnt whilst I was at University, but not really having the time to carry it on my skills never improved.

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MTB Events You Don't Want To Miss Out On

Every year across the world there’s a plethora of MTB events happening. Whether you’ve recently started to take the sport seriously or you’ve been a keen MTB’er for years, we’ve compiled a list of popular events among the Dogtag customers. Some of these are so popular you’ll need to enter and book over a year in advance!

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